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Fire Extinguishers

Whether you are looking for a wet chemical, dry chemical, carbon dioxide or air water extinguisher, Value Fire & Safety is always the right place to be. With our range of fire extinguishers, Value Fire & Safety is proud to be your single point shop for buying all the different types of fire extinguishers in Frankston and Melbourne sourced from the most reliable and quality conscious manufacturers.

However, any type of fire extinguisher needs to be well maintained in case of any emergency. That is why Value Fire & Safety proudly provides professional fire equipment services for extinguishers. We offer the best fire safety equipment servicing in Frankston and the wider Melbourne area.

There is no need to check the usability and change the equipment by yourself from time to time. Just give us a call and leave all the fire safety equipment servicing and maintenance to professional hands.

What is a Dry Chemical Extinguisher?

Dry Chemical ExtinguisherSuitable for all paper, textiles, wood, plastics, rubber, petrol, oil, paints, LPG, CNG, Acetylene and electrically charged equipment. It could be said that the ABE Powder Type extinguisher is the most widely used. It is also important to remember that when using this Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) extinguisher, consideration must be made in relation to the location and usage of this product as a fine powder is discharged that may cause specific concerns or damage. These products require proper fire safety equipment servicing to work effectively.

What is a Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher?

Carbon Dioxide ExtinguisherFor use against electrically energized equipment and in electrical environments (Class E), the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguisher has been manufactured to Australian Standards, utilizing state of the art production facilities. Extracted from the atmosphere, CO2 is stored in a liquid state and at high pressure. The effect of a CO2 extinguisher can be limited where there is air movement and discharge within a confined space is definitely NOT recommended. Remember to get proper fire safety equipment servicing in Frankston for your CO2 canister to work properly.

What is the Foam Extinguisher?

Foam ExtinguisherWhat is the Foam Extinguisher? The Foam fire extinguisher contains a concentrate mixed with water, producing foam when discharged. Available in a 9 Litre capacity, the Foam extinguisher is best suited for the use against fires that involve flammable and combustible liquids such as paper, textiles, wood, petrol, oil and paints, plastics and rubber. Like the water fire extinguisher, a Foam extinguisher should never be used on fires involving live electrical equipment or in any sort of electrical environment.

What is an Air Water Extinguisher?

Air Water ExtinguisherRecommended for Class ‘A’ fires, the Air/Water fire extinguisher is available only in the most common 9 Litre capacity. Acting to reduce the temperature of the burning fuel, the Air/Water extinguisher is used to disperse fires involving wood, paper, plastics, textiles, rubber and rubbish. Once the burning fuel has been reduced to below the ignition temperature, the fire can be brought under control. It is important to remember that this type of extinguisher is NOT suitable for classes ‘B’, ‘E’ or ‘F’ where flammable and combustible liquids, electrically energized equipment and cooking oil and fats are involved.

What is a Wet Chemical Extinguisher?

Wet Chemical ExtinguisherThe Wet Chemical Extinguisher is especially designed for fat and oil fires (Class F). Using Saponification agents, it quickly kills the fire and stops re-ignition by forming a thick layer on the fat/oil. The Wet Chemical is also suitable for wood and paper fires (Class A) and is available in a 2.0 Litre or 7.0 Litre capacities if required.

We have the best range of fire extinguishers in Frankston, and are able to provide you with the right safety solution for your specific needs.